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The cost of participation in the Northern Rainbow 2023 is 150 shekels per person. Each participant has the right to enroll in the competitive programme in several nominations. The cost of participation in each additional nomination of the competition is 120 shekels per person.

General Terms and Conditions:

1. The participants of the competition will be divided into age groups; within these age groups, the winners will be determined and places will be distributed in accordance with the results of the jury voting.
2. The members of the competent jury are well-known artists.
3. The decisions made by the jury shall not be subject to appeal.
4. The sequence of performances shall be determined by the festival’s Organizing Committee, taking into account the jury’s opinion.
5. Participation in the competition festival shall automatically grant the right to the Organizing Committee of the competition to take photographs and make video recordings of the participants’ performances at the competitive audition and the gala concert, and subsequently use them to promote and advertise the competition festival.
6. Participation in the festival shall be considered as full agreement with all the terms and conditions.
7. The Organizing Committee shall reserve the right to make changes to the festival programme.

The final day for the submission of applications shall be 25/09/2023

Playback submission rules:

1. Please send playback in MP3 format.
2. The length of one song should not exceed 5 minutes.
3. The name of the playback must be written in English. Please do not save playbacks with a Hebrew file name.
4. It is mandatory to have a match between the name of the declared song in the registration form and the name of the song in the playback file.
5. The name and age of the participant must be indicated in the name of the playback file.

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